Bluestone bio

Corporate philosophy or slogan

Bluestone Bio Pte Ltd. is a new company established to fight against new coronavirus. It is headquartered in the beautiful garden city, Singapore, with registration number of 201919140G. Adhering to the purpose of making contributions to the fight against the new coronavirus, bluestone biology, together with the National Economic Development Council of Singapore, the Ministry of health of Singapore and other departments, promotes the vaccines produced by China Bluestone Bio Pte Ltd. to the world, so as to benefit people all over the world, including Southeast Asia.

Bluestone bio has done a lot of complicated work in the world with the new medical business model of vaccine sales and authorized production. It has been supported by the State Investment Council of Singapore, Dahua fund, King fund and other large-scale medical funds in the world. It is confirmed that it can guarantee all investments of China Bluestone Bio Pte Ltd. in the world.

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